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  • Everything that lives is holy.

    William Blake

Ideas to Overcome Doubts when Communicating Telepathically with Animals

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  1. Deliberately spend regular time listening intuitively in all areas of your life. We must learn what intuitively derived information feels like compared to logical information and to trust it. To build and deepen your trust in intuitively derived information, you must learn what this feels like in all areas of your life, not just animal communication. Listen for the small and big messages from inside, the ones that may or maynot jive with what is logical, but you know they are right for you: no, these are not the right shoes to buy; this is the house for us—I just know it;

    I don't really trust this person; I feel good about this person; it feels like it's time to save money; it feels like I am really meant to read this book. Notice and become more acutely aware of what is feels like to know inside: yes this is OK or no this is not OK. If we don't listen to our intuition in any other area of our lives, if we don't learn what intuitively derived information feels like and the feelings we get when we trust that it's real, it is much harder to trust telepathic information from animals. You might want to listen to CDs on developing intuition such as those by Sanaya Roman at

  2. Spend time in inner stillness, alone. There is no right or perfect way to be in stillness, to mediate or to pray. Some people meditate listening to meditation CD's, some do a walking meditation in nature, some sit in silent meditation, some chant, some listen to meditation music and light a candle, some journal, and some do other things. There are many paths to inner stillness. However we do it, to reserve and take time to regularly tune out the outside world and go the place of stillness within definitely increases our familiarity with what it feels like in that place inside us all where we hear messages from the soul. This is the place where all intuitively derived information comes from. The more time we spend there, the more familiar we become with this space, the easier it is to receive and trust messages from the animals. Experiment with and commit to doing spiritual exercises which take you to inner stillness once each day.

  3. Spend time with animals in stillness. . . time when you are not riding, grooming, feeding, walking or otherwise being engaged in some physical activity or task with them. Spend time simply being in the same room or space with them, perhaps with your eyes closed touching them, or open eyes looking at them, just appreciating them, perhaps saying I love you. Just be with them, vs. doing something with them. Do this without any pressure or agenda to converse or solve a problem. Just be close, without any distraction of tasks, movement or behavior. Because I am so in awe of the beauty of animals, it helps me at times to do this with my eyes closed. Being with animals in stillness fosters our connection with their spirit, rather than only their bodies, their behavior, or the emotions we believe they may be showing through behavior. Try doing this for just five minutes. You will be amazed at the depth of connection you will feel. It is this depth of connection which fosters telepathic communication. This does not mean you must have this time in stillness before every conversation. However, if you have these moments of stillness together regularly, your readiness to receive and trust telepathic information will be stronger with any animal.

  4. Practice in situations where you can get feedback/confirmation from the animal's person. Offer to practice with friends' animals, or connect with people from workshops you've attended and exchange practice sessions by email, phone or in person, or attend practice groups held by a professional animal communicator. Every single time you receive validation that the information or impressions you received from an animal are correct, consciously allow these successes to build your confidence. There are many times in talking with animals that there is no opportunity for confirmation/physical world verification. Let the times you DO receive validation to build your confidence to carry you through the messages you receive for which there is no validation one way or the other.

  5. Create and maintain a validation file or journal. Write down those confirmation moments and stories! Re-read them occasionally to remind yourself of your successful communications. It's so easy to forget or minimize past success. Keeping an informal journal/file/record of your confirmation stories can encourage you to remember that you've already done it well and will do it well again. At times, we all need the encouragement of remembering past success to build our confidence. Let your past competence build your confidence for future competence.

  6. Don't expect every single conversation to be a "goose bump" moment. Not every telepathic exchange will be soul deep. Sometimes messages are just about mundane, everyday things. Remember that animals' range of spiritual, intellectual and emotional depth varies from animal to animal, and from day to day—just like with people! I have had incredibly soulful and life changing conversations with a few birds in my garden, and yet others simply say, "Hey, the feeder's empty!!"

  7. Trust what you get. Do not sensor what you receive. In talking with animals, invite and allow confirmation to occur naturally. Let the conversation flow. Trust what you hear and sense. Just receive it. Allow organics confirmation versus demanding proof. Stay un-self conscious. Talking with an animal is NOT a performance. It is a sharing of information, feeling or energy between two souls. Dance like nobody’s watching. Confirmation will come organically. Forcing or demanding proof that non-physical reality exists is not conducive to open, clear telepathic communication and open sharing. Allow confirmation to flow in its own time. It will. Let go of any need to demand that the animal or you prove anything.

  8. Consider using support from the plant and mineral kingdom to enhance your telepathic confidence. The animal, mineral and plant kingdoms are all on earth in an inter-related web, each present to help the other. There are numerous flower essences and crystals you might consider to help youlisted below. For a more complete list see:

    Larimar: (a gem essence from

    A powerful throat chakra stone—the energy center associated with both giving and receiving telepathic messages. Larimar opens and supports this energy center, helping us communicate clearly from the heart.

    Larch: (

    Helps increase confidence in self-expression, or with working with the public, especially with tendency to doubt abilities. Particularly heals the throat/communication chakra needed for telepathy.

    Queen of the Night Cactus: (

    Facilitates an integrated sense of natural, deep intuition, sensing and feeling. Helps create a sense of deep understanding to our connection with all of creation through sensing and feeling. Helps us trust our intuition and to access the intuitive root of our being to ground subtle energies.

    Queen Anne’s Lace: (

    In any psychic communication distortion and projection can get in the way of receiving clear images and messages. Sometimes our own emotions can inadvertently get in the way. This essence helps us be emotionally clear and objective in the insight and images we perceive telepathically.

    Sangre de Drago: (

    Helps heal wounds or doubts we have about opening into our psychic abilities by harmonizing any fear about it. Helps us understand this natural part of us without fearing or repressing it, and trusting our own intuitive sense.

  9. Ask for Divine Support. Inter-species communication is a sacred experience. Ask for help and guidance from whomever you pray to and are connected to spiritually. I always ask for the presence of the spirit guides of the animal and person I am talking with, as well as my own guides. I always ask for the help of St. Francis to guide and bless the session. Not only is Divine help available (so why do it alone?!), but knowing it's there for us also helps us remain humble, keeping animal communication in the realm of the sacred, not the ego.

  10. Some signs that what you are receiving is probably accurate:

    • Information/impression is just clear as a bell. Whether the content makes sense to you or not, the clarity is unmistakable to you.

    • Information/impression is not at all what you would have expected the animal would say

    • Felt real passion/deep feeling from the animal

    • When you get very different things from different animals (one animal will be quiet and thoughtful, another chatty, another silly, another sassy, etc.), that is a good sign that you are not filtering. If you get the same personality or type of response from every animal, you may be filtering (i.e. every message from a whale is about how they are saving the earth, every message from dolphins is about joy, or every message from companion animals is about their purpose in life).

It's when we get entirely different personalities and messages from each animal that we know we are probably on track and not filtering the information through our values, beliefs or expectations.