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The Difference Between a Telepathic Conversation and a Psychic Reading

Having a Conversation WITH an Animal vs. Doing a Reading ABOUT an Animal

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The focus of my consultations is on creating interactive, mutually respectful conversations versus one way "psychic readings" of an animal's energy. A good psychic reading is like getting a clear, detailed picture. While such a picture can provide helpful information and clues for people about their animals, they are also, unfortunately, often filled with lots of assumptions or the readers' personal interpretations about what the psychic "picture" means. Traditional psychic readings often include direct advice or imposed solutions about what the recipient should "do."

An interactive, empathic approach on the other hand is one in which the reader not only receives messages and information as in a traditional psychic reading, but facilitates a process to help the animal (or the animal and the person when doing this for someone else) further understand, clarify and use the information exchanged in a meaningful and or practical way. In this method the values, needs, desires, and issues of both the animal and the person (whether the person is oneself or a client) are respected and intentionally part of the conversation. This is philosophically and by design fundamentally different from a one way "psychic reading."

A psychic reading, from the third eye, sixth chakra, can provide valuable information. But until the fifth chakra of the throat, our communication center, is engaged to use that information in a meaningful dialog with the animal and the person, the information is just information which may or may not be used constructively or for any meaningful purpose. When we receive the results of a medical test, we don't just want the numbers, we want to know what they mean and what we can do about them. And, if we are conscious, we don't want someone else's interpretation of them forced down our throat. We want help interpreting them for ourselves. And we want support as we consider our options of what to do with the information, not have someone dictate or declare to us what we should do. It is the same with animal communication.

Furthermore, even when there is detailed, accurate information gleaned from the third eye chakra in animal communication, even when there is open, clear communication from an engaged throat chakra, we must also always do this work with an open heart chakra. Information alone can be misused or useless if the heart, if love, is not the foundation and purpose of our communication with animals.

As professional animal communicators, it is not to perform parlor tricks that we engage in telepathic conversations with animals. It is not to force behavior. Even though it can be ethically and effectively used to negotiate behavior change, it is not about coercion. And it is not about performance, ego, or drama. It is about exchanging information and resolving problems for the purpose of deepened intimacy, learning and love.