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  • Everything that lives is holy.

    William Blake

Animal Communication & Healing

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He is still my teacher, and I am still his pupil.
Through the illusory mists of time and even death itself,
he continues to share with me, through the eternality of goodness,
things that are exceedingly important for me to know and to practice.

~ J.Allen Boone, speaking of his dog Strongheart in Kinship with All Life


    Not long ago I was shown once again by animals that it is only through love, through the portal of the heart, that we come together as fellow souls, to communicate what is most important to one another and to grow in intimacy and harmony. I was also reminded about the powerful and important role of divine assistance in resolving problems and in healing the heart. When I talk with animals, I never know what I will hear. Sometimes, the conversations are about everyday (albeit important) things, and sometimes a miracle of love unfolds right before me. I recently had the privilege to talk with a woman and three of her dogs--two of whom are still with her and one of whom is on the other side. When her beloved dog who died made his transition it was a devastating loss for both my client and her remaining dog who grieved the loss of her canine brother deeply. About nine months later a new, younger dog in need of rescue was adopted into the family.

   My client called me because of a growling issue that had developed. The younger dog began growling at seemingly odd times at the older dog. My client was confused because the two basically got along, including behaviors such as the young dog affectionately licking the older dog. But even during these tender moments the younger dog would sometimes suddenly, for no apparent reason, begin to growl. In my conversation with both dogs I wasn’t making much progress in learning the root cause of this and what might resolve the problem. I was frustrated because I pride myself on being able to gently an thoroughly solicit the thoughts and feelings of animals in many situations.

   I was about to tell my client how sorry I was about not being able to get clear, helpful information and suggest a trainer when suddenly yet very gently, I felt and heard my client’s deeply beloved dog in spirit come into the conversation. He spoke softly, lovingly and with an unmistakable aura of wise authority saying to the younger dog, "It's ok, just tell them why you growl."

    With just a bit of hesitation the young dog said, "I want her [the older dog] to love me. She doesn't and it hurts me. I try to get her to love me and she just doesn't. I try and try and try and when she rejects me at first I feel so hurt and then I get mad and growl."  As she spoke these words I could feel the depth of both her vulnerability yet relief in revealing this. I thanked her for her courage in telling us this and let her know I knew how painful it must be to want to be loved and not feel the love she felt and gave reciprocated.

    Meanwhile the magnificently wise dog in spirit continued to energetically hold a very loving space of support for both dogs as the conversation continued. He asked his sister, now the older dog in the family, to talk about what this situation was like for her.  At first she did not want to talk at all about the younger dog in the family, but only about how much she loved him and missed him terribly. As she described this, her energy was filled with the same energy we humans experience when we sob tears of grief. He lovingly held her energetically, allowing her her tears and gently poured his love into her. Her energy relaxed, almost in a sigh. She explained that she was holding back feeling or expressing any kind of love toward her young sibling both because her grief still took up significant space in her heart and also out of a sense of loyalty to him. She showed clearly that she allowed herself to feel only indifference toward this new young sister.

    Her told her that he understood that her heart was still wounded and was yearning for and missing his presence in her daily life. As he spoke he filled her and showered her with his love and and the energy of peace. She calmed. She softened. He also talked with her about how huge her heart is, how huge her capacity for love is, huge enough to always love him, and to also allow love and kindness for a new young sibling too. She listened. I could feel her taking this in and digesting it--not just intellectually but with her heart. She then described how she now realized how she had hurt her new sibling with her refusal to exchange any love. I could feel her heart open. She began to send love to her young sibling as we were talking, just a little, but it was unmistakably there.

    My client and I were softly crying through much of this. It was such an unexpected and poignant miracle to have her beloved dog in spirit just appear, without request, to come to help. It was also so humbling to witness how the dogs on earth were able to open up more deeply and swiftly with his encouragement and guidance. It was, as communication with animals can sometimes be, a small miracle of love.

    Not all miracles are big, dramatic or splashy. Some, like the one in this story, are private miracles of the heart. Though perhaps not immediately observable with explicit external changes or visible to the whole world, they mark an essential milestone of the heart and the journey of every soul: to let in and give out more love. May we all experience such miracles of growth. And blessings forever to these precious dogs and their person.

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Things to consider...

* If you have beloved animals on the other side, they may be available and eager to help you and your animal family. Ask them. Pray to them. Talk with them. Call out for their support.

* Animals grieve too, just like us. And like us, they need support and understanding for their pain. Support grieving animals as tenderly and thoroughly as you would a grieving human.

* The behavior we observe rarely tells us the whole story of what is going on with animals (or people!). When we want more harmony, peace and intimacy and to fully understand our animals’ behavior--not just fix a problem so our needs are met but to understand and be sure the animals’ needs are met too--we need to talk with them. We need to ask them about their perspectives, their stories, their thoughts, their feelings and concerns and then listen. Regarding behavior problems there are, of course, times when it is appropriate and necessary to work with a trainer both to prevent and resolve problems. However, to do so without even asking for our animal's thoughts and feelings about issues that concern us will never give us the complete picture or honor the perspective of our animals. Talk with your animals.

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The role of healing arts practitioners--whatever their specific training, expertise or position--involves a sacred trust in which the healer holds the space for client to find their own way. A healer's role is to shed light on another's path, not to push them onto the path we think they should take, or to even gently tell them which path to take. A healer's job is to shed light, lovingly, empathically and skillfully, to help others find their own way.

Whatever skills, gifts, abilities or healing modalities we have to offer, they must be given only with the permission of the client, and must fit the needs and goals of the client. In a client-centered, empathy based approach to animal communication, grief support and any healing, we do our best work when we meet clients where they are, not where we are, or where we want them to be or think they should be.

Our spiritual maturity and poise as healers, our ability to create a healing presence and to help our clients truly grow and heal is heightened when we refrain from imposing our judgments, values or favorite healing modalities and solutions, and rather, trust in the wisdom of the other being's soul and ability to heal as we offer our knowledge, skills and abilities.

Having a Conversation WITH an Animal vs. Doing a Reading ABOUT an Animal

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The focus of my consultations is on creating interactive, mutually respectful conversations versus one way "psychic readings" of an animal's energy. A good psychic reading is like getting a clear, detailed picture. While such a picture can provide helpful information and clues for people about their animals, they are also, unfortunately, often filled with lots of assumptions or the readers' personal interpretations about what the psychic "picture" means. Traditional psychic readings often include direct advice or imposed solutions about what the recipient should "do."

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  1. Deliberately spend regular time listening intuitively in all areas of your life. We must learn what intuitively derived information feels like compared to logical information and to trust it. To build and deepen your trust in intuitively derived information, you must learn what this feels like in all areas of your life, not just animal communication. Listen for the small and big messages from inside, the ones that may or maynot jive with what is logical, but you know they are right for you: no, these are not the right shoes to buy; this is the house for us—I just know it;

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For satisfaction to occur in any professional exchange, it helps to begin with clear expectations and boundaries of the service provided. It is my goal and sincere intent that each client I work with feels respected, listened to, cared about and comfortable during a consultation, and, that at the completion of the session they feel their goals for the discussion have been met.

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It had been such a long time. Such a long time since I had seen him. Over a year at least. I wasn't prepared. I just wasn't prepared for what happened. As we approached his corral he ran to me. Oh God the sight of him—still as sleek and beautiful to me as Black Beauty in his prime. How could he possibly be over 30! He's just gorgeous. Bless him, he wasn't angry that it had been so long. He let me stroke his face even more than when I had seen him every week--and let me kiss his face, something he had never allowed before.