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Animal Communication Technique: Picture the Behavior You Want with a Positive Feeling Attached

Animal Communication Technique: A Ten Second Process to Help You Shape Behavior and Send Love

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Consider using this simple but powerful technique below to lovingly reinforce the behavior change that has been discussed in your consultation. You do not need to be in a perfect meditative state to use this technique! However, it is important that you do it at a time when you are not particularly stressed, anxious or deeply preoccupied with other thoughts.

It is especially important to not use this technique when you are stressed about , angry with, or upset with your animal. It is, of course, normal for us as humans to feel frustrated, angry or overwhelmed when our animals behave in ways that destroy our material things, wake us up at night or any other myriad of things that can disturb our lives together. This technique does not in any way presume that we will not have moments of negative reaction to such behavior. If you yell or cry occasionally in your frustration, you can still use this technique successfully. If you do meditate, including this technique/communication to your animal during your meditation time would be ideal. Just always be sure to use it when you are not upset. The reason for this is that the technique includes both visualizing behavior and sending positive emotions. Just like with our human to human communication, we cannot fake a positive emotion when what we're really feeling is a negative emotion.

Many of us doing telepathic work have found that though animals do an incredible job of learning our language and will use words in their telepathic communication with us, it seems that the true heart of telepathy is pictures and feelings. Images and feelings seem to carry much more weight than words. And so, the technique utilizes both.

  • Close your eyes, and hold a picture in your mind of the behavior you WANT your animal to do (going in the litter box, coming when you call them, scratching on their post, etc.). Just picture them doing it.

  • As you picture this, send your animal great and gentle love from your heart, as well as gratitude for behaving in this manner.

It's also OK at this point to add words such as: "It makes me so grateful; it makes me so happy to have you do this, thank you."

However, unless you have already remembered and are using your full telepathic abilities to "hear" your animal's replies, it's a good idea when using this technique to just stick to sending the picture, the positive feelings, and just a few words, if any. If you start sending too many words, it might get muddled. It's of course fine to do that at other times, but keep it separate from this technique. There is something powerful about the simplicity of repetitive pictures and love being sent. Imagine how lovely it might be for you to have someone who loves you send you a picture of you doing something "constructive" and sending great love for you with that picture!

It is also extremely important to NOT hold a picture in your mind of what you don't want them to do. If they receive this picture it can be confusing about what you want them to do. So again, if you are in a place of (understandable!) anger at once again finding urine on your carpet, that is definitely not a good moment to use this technique. Wait until you are calmed down.

Like all forms of communication, this technique is not a guarantee that your animals will do what you want just because you asked them to. But it typically yields much more positive change than yelling, threatening, crying or ignoring the behavior! It also often brings greater intimacy into the relationship because of the repeated act of sending love and gratitude each day.

I hope this technique may help bring greater understanding and a closer step to conflict resolution between you and the animals you love.