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The Issue of Guaranteed Outcomes in Animal Communication Consultations

copyright 2005 Teresa Wagner
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For satisfaction to occur in any professional exchange, it helps to begin with clear expectations and boundaries of the service provided. It is my goal and sincere intent that each client I work with feels respected, listened to, cared about and comfortable during a consultation, and, that at the completion of the session they feel their goals for the discussion have been met.

During sessions, I facilitate a process to help clients and their animals explore whatever feelings, issues and problems are important to them. I help them discover and clarify what they are each thinking and feeling, translate and convey messages back and forth between animal and person, support them in attempting to resolve problems together, offer healing interventions or tools where appropriate and desired, and offer coaching for the human on things he or she might do to reinforce what's been discussed and perhaps agreed upon with their animal in a session.

I can guarantee that this is the overall approach I will use in a session, but I cannot guarantee:

  • What an animal will say in a telepathic conversation

  • Whether a person will be pleased with what an animal has to say

  • That problems will be solved or behaviors changed as a result of a consultation

I wish with all my heart that a session with a professional animal communication consultant could guarantee changes in emotions, behavior or health desired by the client and discussed in a session. But an animal communicator can no more guarantee this than a veterinarian can guarantee perfect health or cured disease after a medical intervention, or a therapist can guarantee a cure of depression after a therapy session.

A respectful, loving, thorough and skillful animal communication process can be guaranteed. Outcomes of the process cannot be guaranteed. It is very important to enter a consultation with any animal communicator knowing this.

An effective animal communicator is not only a translator but a good facilitator of problem solving and healing as well. Facilitators of problem solving and healing in any context, with any specialties, cannot guarantee outcomes. Healing and problem solving are often processes that continue over time, not stand alone events. These processes often have multiple layers of issues to sort through, understand and release which may require continued attention beyond one discussion or healing session. Sometimes, of course, when the root cause of a problem is simply a misunderstanding, results can occur immediately. But issues of trauma, or longstanding, deep seated problems cannot be expected to be resolved in one hour.

Please be patient and mindful of these issues when working with an animal communication consultant and your animal.