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  • The gift of flowers does not end with beauty and fragrance,
    but continues with their profound ability
    to facilitate healing of the heart and soul ~

Flower Essences for Animals and People

A Partial List of Flower Essences for
Trauma, Crisis, and Acute Stress

Compiled by Teresa Wagner, M.S.

These essences are available from FES or Desert Alchemy as noted


Five Flower Formula (FES):

This remedy has the exact same ingredients as Rescue Remedy--Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose, and Star of Bethlehem--but with a much eaiser to use dropper, a lower price, and a much higher vibration.

IT IS FREE OF XYLITOL, a sweetening ingredient found in some Rescue Remedy products that is poisonous to dogs.

This essence brings calmness and stability in any time of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual distress. During moments of fear, pain or panic, it brings us back to center, to knowing we will be OK. In a stressful or critical situation, taking a few drops can be soothing and stabilizing. This fourmula is well known for the support it provides in dire emergencies (there are many stories, for instance, of these essences stabilizing severely injured animals, helping them stay alive until medical intervention is available or begins to work). These emergency formulas are also useful for the less dramatic but still very uncomfortable stressful moments of life. It helps bring the body and mind back to calm.

Star of Bethlehem (FES):
One of the essences in Five Flower Formula, it is a deeply restorative remedy, bringing calm, soothing, healing qualities, comfort and reassurance from the spiritual world. Can be especially helpful when we are in shock, or greatly overwhelmed.


Crisis Desert Emergency Formula (Desert Alchemy):
This is an extremely powerful and helpful formula to help through periods of great change and transition. During the moments of fear or panic, it brings calm. To support longer term change, it helps cultivate patience with the healing or growth process, helps us gently unfold to a situation so that we do not feel overwhelmed by it, brings courage, brings clarity and focus, and enhances our ability to manifest creative solutions. This wonderful essence helps us use the acute awareness that comes with crisis to further our understanding and acceptance of ourselves as our souls evolve.
Post Traumatic Stress Formula (FES):
This essence softens the debilitating effects of natural, very strong emotional responses to trauma and crisis. It can also be taken to help release the effects of past trauma. Sometimes, the pain of a past trauma in our lives can be re-triggered by another trauma occurring in the present. This essence also helps prevent suffering from the effects of trauma later, after the shock wears off. Symptoms of post traumatic stress can include recurrent nightmares, recurrent and intrusive distressing recollections of the trauma, flashback episodes, intense psychological distress at exposure to cues that symbolize or resemble an aspect of the traumatic event, restricted range of feelings (i.e. blocking feelings), difficulty falling or staying asleep, irritability or outbursts of anger, difficulty concentrating, hyper vigilance and exaggerated startle response. This essence helps us cope with and heal the emotional and physical symptoms of exposure to trauma, and can begin to heal the effects of past trauma. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, taken by itself or in conjunction with Glassy Hyacinth.
Glassy Hyacinth (FES):
This essence has been used successfully to help both survivors and relief workers in war zones. For those who witness, directly or indirectly, abhorrent cruelty, violence, depravity or carnage, it restores strength and hope to the soul. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Because of the overwhelming and horrific nature of war and many other traumas, it’s normal to block our deepest feelings of response. But internalizing the horror of trauma can only be short term, it is bound to come back later as more complicated post traumatic stress. There is no escaping the need to process emotional pain. Glassy Hyacinth helps us do so with gentleness. It restores our equilibrium, heals our hearts so we can continue life inner peace. Effective taken by itself, with PTS Formula, or with Star of Bethlehem.
Borage (FES):
This essence helps us overcome feelings of depression and heavy-heartedness. Borage brings courage and a sense of upliftment and buoyancy. Though depression due to hardship in life is a natural state, a natural cycle of emotional life, Borage helps us to not get stuck in the weight of it, but to move through it more quickly.
Love Lies Bleeding (FES):
Helps us with profound feelings of melancholia and anguish, especially when the soul suffers privately and feels cut off from others. It also helps us find transpersonal meaning from pain and suffering.
Pink Yarrow (FES):
This is a classic essence for caregivers in crisis situation to provide emotional protection. For those of us who can be sponges for others’ energy, who are naturally empathic or sensitive, it helps us create appropriate emotional boundaries with others. It allows us to feel authentic compassion and connection with others (animals and people) without dysfunctional merging with, or taking on their pain or other energy.