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  • The gift of flowers does not end with beauty and fragrance,
    but continues with their profound ability
    to facilitate healing of the heart and soul ~

Flower Essences for Animals and People

Flower Essences & Energy Healing


Flower Essences collage - Healing Hands, Olivia and Essences

There are times when we can all benefit by having someone be a compassionate witness and counselor for us through the challenges of life. Sometimes an issue or situation we're grappling with can be so confusing or overwhelming that it's hard to find our next step in coping or healing. A comprehensive flower essence consultation provides both emotional support as well as recommendations for flower essences matched to the specific energy of your issues.

Consultations can also include information and guidance from a person's Spirit Guides, helping them sort through confusion or uncertainty of where they are and how to find peace and healing.

The flower essences, taken after the consultation, "pick up where talking leaves off," providing continuing energetic support to cope with, resolve and come to peace about issues far beyond the scope of verbal consultations. And, they do so without the harmful side effects of psychotropic drugs. I love helping people use flower essences and their gentle yet so powerful ability to help heal our core issues and to cope with life’s challenges.

As humans and animals, at times we need to be touched at our very core, at a level beyond what words, intellectual insight and even empathy can accomplish. Our souls sometimes need to receive pure light, pure unconditional love, to remember the strength and wisdom of our own souls, in order to have the courage to go forward with our growth, the right path, decision, or action. The healing energy of flower essences can facilitate inner shifts or stability needed for animals and humans to move on their journeys with greater physical, emotional or spiritual strength and balance.

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Teresa has completed the practitioner training with Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz at FES and has taken classes with Machellle Small Wright at Perelanda and Cynthia Kemp of Desert Alchemy. Read more about Teresa.