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  • The gift of flowers does not end with beauty and fragrance,
    but continues with their profound ability
    to facilitate healing of the heart and soul ~

Flower Essences for Animals and People

How to Use Flower Essences for Yourself

How Much to Take, How Often and For How Long

Hold the essence or combination of essences in your hands. Imagine them as seeds being planted in the soul soil of your heart. Sense the secret and potential of the seed, the healing energy encoded into it. Breathe deeply. As you ingest the flower essence imagine this seed becoming moistened with the secretions of your heart, the dew of your tears, the waters of your feelings.

~Patricia Kaminski, FES Co Founder

  • Four drops, four times a day
  • Either directly in mouth from either stock or combination dosage bottle (dropper must not touch anything)
  • In bottle/glass of water; mist bottles; bath water; directly on skin; add to body creams
  • Duration: times for healing root cause issues: when see positive desired result plus times few mores weeks or month for stabilization
  • Change essences as new layers of healing emerge

Flower essences come in glass dropper bottles and are taken just a few drops at a time. Ideally, essences should be taken about four times per day.

Frequency of taking essences is extremely important to their effectiveness. Taking the essence just once a day may not make a difference in the situation you are attempting to heal. It is truly important to take them a few times each day. At the same time, more drops does not equate with greater effectiveness. Taking the whole bottle in a day or week will not heal the issue more quickly. It will merely be a waste of the essence, since only small quantities taken several times a day is all that is needed. The only exception to this is during a crisis or emergency, when taking essences every few minutes, every hour, etc. can ease the emotional burden and stress.

In addition, there is no possibility of "overdosing". Taking large doses of flower essences will not hurt an animal or human. If you accidentally spill an entire bottle of essences into a water bowl and they drink the whole thing, the only negative result of this is that you will have wasted a few dollars.

The duration of taking essences depends on the situation. Because flower essences are vibrational (i.e. they do not directly impact the functioning of the physical body as do drugs and herbs) there is no set protocol for duration. But there are a few important things to keep in mind regarding duration.

  • If you are giving essences for a short term situation, such as wanting some energetic support to feel confident and clear (vs. having stage fright and sounding inarticulate) for an upcoming presentation, you only need take the essences during your prep time and of course the day of the presentation.

  • If you are working with any long term, serious, or deep seated problem such as recurring depression or consistent negative feelings about your body image, I recommend taking the essences every day, a few times each day, until such time that you see significant change with the problem. This could be weeks or months depending on the complexity of the situation.

For deep seated problems, very often our healing occurs in layers. One area of our consciousness becomes crystal clear about this issue, then another layer comes up for healing. A typical indication of this is when we longer feel attracted to take the particular essence or combination of essences that have felt so helpful for a number of weeks. This is our signal that we no longer need or are being helped by those particular essences. It may be time to look within to determine what will best help us next.

Sometimes, the feelings and phases of a particular life problem or issue will change from day to day, week to week. For greatest benefit from the essences, re-select them to match your changing feelings and evolving process. There are many essences described in this site's list and hundreds more described in the books listed in the resource section for on-going future reference.

Be patient! They work powerfully, but more slowly than drugs

Even though some essences such as Five Flower Formula (this includes the same essences as Rescue Remedy) bring immediate relief and calm in crisis, please remember that overall flower essences are not drugs designed to mask symptoms. They are healers of root causes. Sometimes, it can take a number of weeks before we see any progress. Don’t give up.

After you see change or improvement, continue taking the flower essences for at least one more month, or longer if the issue is serious and long standing. This provides the energetic support needed to "seal in" or complete the healing offered from the flower essences for a particular issue.

There are No Contraindications

Flower essences are powerful but very gentle. Taking them will not in any way impact other medications. There are no foods, liquids, traditional medicines or holistic remedies that animals must avoid while taking flower essences.