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  • The gift of flowers does not end with beauty and fragrance,
    but continues with their profound ability
    to facilitate healing of the heart and soul ~

Flower Essences for Animals and People

A Partial List of Flower Essences to
Support Transcendent Experiences

Compiled by Teresa Wagner, M.S.

Essences are available from FES, Desert Alchemy or Perelandra as indicated


Sage (FES):
Helps us draw wisdom from life experiences; to review and survey our lives; to process experiences from a higher perspective and find meaning and higher purpose in life events; brings us a sense of deep inner peace, inner stability, and graceful maturation.
Yellow Yarrow (Perelandra):
Accelerates the integration process of transcendent experience. Provides protection during times of emotional vulnerability related to great change. Supports the integration of shifts during spiritual and psychological growth so they can happen more easily, and more softly.
Shasta Daisy (FES):
Helps us understand our significant experiences not as unrelated bits and pieces, but rather as an integrated, mandalic whole. It brings us insight into the broader meanings and larger patterns of mental and emotional experience.
Staghorn Cholla Cactus (Desert Alchemy):
Brings us the gifts of reintegration and reorganization after a time of transformation or upheaval which may have left us feeling "undone," stressed, exhausted, restless, or unfocused. Helps us re-integrate ourselves according to our soul purpose.


Olive (FES):
Relieves physical symptoms of utter fatigue, exhaustion and weariness. Heightens awareness that the physical self is profoundly connected with higher states of soul-spiritual consciousness, providing renewal and restoration from within and without.
Peppermint (FES):
Brings mindfulness, wakeful clarity, mental alertness, especially when we’ve been feeling dull, sluggish or mentally lethargic.
Hornbeam (FES):
If you’re feeling "lazy" after our transcendent experience, having a hard time getting back to "work," or feeling overwhelmed by daily tasks, hornbeam provides a get-up-and-go boost. Nourishes the soul with renewed strength and vitality, bringing a balanced state of energy, enthusiasm and involvement in life’s tasks.
Woven Spine Pineapple Cactus (Desert Alchemy):
This is by far the essence of choice when we are so tired, exhausted or burned out—physically or emotionally— that we feel like we can barely go on. When we are tired way down deep inside, feel burdened that life may be giving us more than we can handle, this essence revitalizes us at the core of our being. I find this essence to be the most "heavy duty" of the fatigue helpers.


Dill (FES):
Extremely helpful when inundated, overwhelmed or overstimulated by outer activity, or hypersensitivity to a new or busier environment than we are used to. When bombarded with an overload of sensory impressions we can shut down and lose our centeredness. Dill helps us assimilate "loud" outer impressions while remaining calm. I don’t leave home without it when facing the chaos of air travel, congested freeways, or any out experience in an environment that we find overstimulating.
Madia (FES):
Can be very helpful after returning home from a transcendent experience if you are feeling distracted, having trouble concentrating on day to day activities.
Indian Pink (FES):
Helps us stay centered amidst intense or diverse forms of activity, even under stress.
Clematis (FES):
If you experience a tendency to feel dreamy, floaty, find yourself daydreaming more than you’d like or is comfortable, or have trouble moving from the other worldliness of being with your recent transcendent activity to the here-and-now of your life back home, Clematis can help you get grounded into the physical world.

(missing the animals, the people, the environment,
or energetic feeling of your recent experience)

Bleeding Heart (FES):
Every year when I leave the whales during my trips to swim with them in Silver Banks I become very sad. The magic of being in the sea with them, so near their exquisite bodies, with all the exchanged trust, love, and intimacy. . .well, I mourn each goodbye, sometimes acutely. For any of us who know ourselves to feel grief at partings and endings, who feel it deeply, Bleeding Heart is balm to the soul. It helps us move through it more softly and quickly. It helps us remember that the loss is only of the physical connection, not the spiritual, and that the gifts of the spiritual connection remain in us, even if we never see the same animals or people again. Bleeding Heart helps us accept the change in form of a relationship, to let go, and release our attachment to the form, while still fully feeling the most deep and lasting connection of love.
Borage (FES):
This essence helps us overcome feelings of depression and heavy-heartedness associated with the sadness and grief of separation. Borage brings courage and a sense of upliftment and buoyancy. Though depression is a natural state, a natural cycle of emotional life, Borage helps us to not get stuck in the weight of it.
Honeysuckle (FES):
Sometimes, after the glorious experience of transcendent experiences our daily lives may feel not nearly as appealing, and almost disappointing. Most of us don’t have exhilarating moments every single day! And this is a good thing! To be exhilarated, to be in a state of excitement, every day could burn us out. We need cycles of rest, rejuvenation, of integration, and even mundane activity to balance the energy of our lives. Knowing this, however, has not always stopped me from finding myself in a state of yearning and longing to be back with the whales after I leave their ocean home. When it gets to the point of being uncomfortable, or gets in the way of being present enough to get day to day things done, Honeysuckle is a great help. This essence helps us learn from the past, seeing clearly the meaning and purpose, while at the same time releasing our attachment to it, freeing us to live fully in the present.


Pink Yarrow (FES):
This is a classic essence for emotional protection. For those of us who can be sponges for others’ energy, who are naturally empathic or sensitive, it helps us create appropriate emotional boundaries with others. It allows us to feel authentic compassion and connection with others without dysfunctional merging with, or taking on their pain or other energy.
Golden Yarrow (FES):
This essence is not as much about taking on others’ energy, as the Pink Yarrow is, but more about helping us not feel drained in the face of so much energy of others. Very sensitive souls at times may shy away from exposure to and intimacy with others because doing so often makes them feel as if they lose part of themselves in the process. Golden Yarrow helps us know that we can preserve the integrity of the Self, even when involved with others, that we don’t have to isolate and withdraw to feel safely ourselves. A great essence to take during the trip if you are concerned about in such close quarters amidst the energy of so many others.
Yellow Yarrow (Perelandra):
Accelerates the integration process of transcendent experience. Provides protection during times of emotional vulnerability related to great change. Supports the integration of shifts during spiritual and psychological growth so they can happen more easily, and more softly.


Chamomile (FES):
Helps us when we are emotionally upset, nervous or tense, especially when our tension is accompanied by stomach distress such as tummy aches, gas or vomiting. Helps us feel calm, serene and more emotionally balanced.
Lavender (FES):
Helps when we feel mentally or physically "wound up," keeping us up nights, or feeling we are absorbing more energy than we can process through the body. Helps tension that is accompanied by headaches, vision problems, or neck and shoulder tension. Lavender helps sedate and soothe, and moderates and regulates energy.
Cherry Plum (FES):
This essence brings strength and encouragement at times of extreme tension, fear, pressure or stress. It helps stabilize the mind when we’re emotionally overwrought, helping us cope with challenge. Often called the "let go and let God" essence, it helps us re-connect with a Higher Power, or our Higher Self, surrendering to the knowledge that this level of help is always there.


Walnut (FES):
Walnut is the quintessential transition essence. It helps us make healthy transitions, brings us courage to follow our own path and destiny. It supports us in having an unwavering sense of inner purpose and conviction, and to overcome doubts. It brings strength to make a break with the past and with the ideas of others which may hold us back. Brings mental clarity and emotional strength as we let go of the old, create our next place and way, and live with the ambiguity in between.
Sacred Datura (Desert Alchemy):
If you are feeling strong drives to change your life in significant ways, this essence can bring you the courage to let go of the familiar and secure when that is appropriate. It helps us to master the limbo state of transformation, and eases the confusion, paradox, or fear which are often part of such change.
Crisis-Desert Emergency Formula (Desert Alchemy):
This is an extremely powerful and helpful formula to help us through periods of great change and transition. During the moments of fear or panic, it brings calm. To support our longer term change, it helps us cultivate patience with the healing or growth process, helps us gently unfold to a situation so that we do not feel overwhelmed by it, brings courage, brings clarity and focus, and enhances our ability to manifest creative solutions. This wonderful essence helps us use the acute awareness that comes with crisis to further our understanding and acceptance of ourselves as our souls evolve. As a result of this trip, some people feel the onset of a "spiritual emergence," or a need to make huge changes or shifts in their lives. I cannot recommend this essence highly enough for anyone experiencing this, or for anyone in the midst of any significant life change or life crisis.