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  • The best way to learn the language of another species is as a social partner.

    ~Conrad Lorenz

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Speaking with the Souls of Animals:
Basic Animal Communication

A workshop to help us remember the universal language of telepathy

Workshops-Jezzie Patricia


Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday


To be announced(To be notified of the next date, contact us)


$325 includes 18 hours of class and workshop booklet of several dozen pages of handouts


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This workshop is for people who love animals and want to remember the natural, universal language of telepathy to hear what is in their animal's heart. It is for people who want to perceive and hear the thoughts, feelings and messages of their animals for the purpose of building even more intimacy and harmony in their relationship and to solve problems together. Animal communication is natural—we can all communicate telepathically. Join us at this workshop to remember how! No prior experience or training is necessary.

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Workshops-Ptown Retreat 99

When I first read the quote by Conrad Lorenz, "The best way to learn the language of another species is as a social partner," my skin tingled. I believe this is very, very true. When we allow ourselves to let go of hierarchies about who is more important than whom, not worry so much about which species is smarter than the next, or not focus so much on whose body is more perfectly conformed than the next, that's when we can focus on the inside of animals, the part that is just like us. When we put aside our differences of physical form to meet an animal on the inside—as a soul peer—then we can talk with them. Then we can truly hear the thoughts, feelings and stories of animals unhampered by any predisposed ideas of who they are supposed to be.

Join us for this fun, intimate and spiritual workshop where we :

  • Explore our relationships with animals as soul peers, and how animal communication can deepen our intimate connection with the animals we love
  • Review the factors that hinder telepathic communication with animals and values, beliefs and assumptions which enhance it
  • Understand how the animal communication process works: what it is and isn't, when and how to use it, and it's purpose and limitations
  • Learn and practice how to still and quiet the mind to allow the flow of telepathy
  • Learn and practice grounding techniques
  • Learn and practice energetic boundary techniques to protect oneself from others' emotions and pain
  • Learn and practice how to send powerful healing and help to animals in need who you cannot physically help or whose problems you cannot resolve
  • Learn and practice specific techniques to help resolve behavioral issues
  • Practice talking to animals! . . .many times throughout the workshop
  • Discuss and learn techniques to talk with wild animals, insects, and animals unwelcome in your human habitats
  • Discuss the ethics of animal communication
  • Review resources to enhance your animal communication abilities: flower essences, books, tapes, mentoring, practice groups; books, advanced workshops


You should try to hear the names
the Holy Ones have for things.
People name everything according
to the number of legs they have.
The Holy Ones name them
according to what they have inside.

~ Rumi

St Francis altar