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  • Everything that lives is holy.

    William Blake

I remember the exact moment I fell in love with humpback whales. They were the focus of an hour show. I thought how beautiful, graceful and majestic they were--but huge! Then I heard the male singing--that was it, I was hooked. That was 20 years ago. Since then I have spent my time collecting everything and anything on or about humpback whales. Loving them from afar, my office and home filled with pictures, sculptures, etc. I dreamed and dreamed of seeing them in real life, not just on a TV screen. Finally, I was able to take my first trip--destination Cape Cod. I was so excited, finally a chance to see them in their home. I can only explain the experience as "Wow, tears of joy, 20 rolls of film and I don't want to leave." I came home with a new, greater sense of longing that I couldn't explain and a lot of tee shirts!

I immediately started searching the web for pictures and stories of humpback whales. I stumbled on this web site that offered a trip to the Silver Banks where you could get in the water with humpback whales. It left March 20, 1999, for a one-week trip. Unbelievable, the trip I always dreamed of which left on my birth. This was no accident. I knew that I had been led there by some unknown force. I sent off my deposit via Federal Express that afternoon.

Even after my trip to Cape Cod and this wonderful trip to the Silver Banks to come, I was at the lowest point in my life — my father was dying, I was in an abusive marriage and hated life. No one could reach me, not even my mother who happens to be my best friend.

After watching my father die in February, the trip in March was needed more than wanted. I found out why I'm drawn to humpback whales and thanks to Teresa, I met my guardian — her name is Leenah. She told me that I had been sent signs that would bring me to this trip. A trip of seeing whales that have no right to trust humans, coming within five feet of the small launches. Experiencing the positive energy that flows from you that allows a mother humpback to let her baby be between the boat and her (usually her body is between the boat and her baby); to let her baby come close to the boat while she and her escort take a deep dive for 10 minutes. To experience "unconditional" love. To be judged for what is inside you, not your appearance.

I went on the trip to see my favorite creatures. To my surprise, it ended up being a spiritual trip. To put it mildly, This Trip changed My Life!!! This should have been a trip of a lifetime, but I knew for me, it would be a yearly trip.

I came home, threw my husband out, stopped smoking (it has been over a year now), became a vegetarian and got two tattoos as a tribute (tastefully done, of humpbacks, of course). Life was still a struggle, but I had the whales to help me heal. And they did.

We recently got back from our March 2000 trip. As we arrived, my first thought seeing the old ship wreck on one of the coral outcroppings, very near where we dock (so to speak, 90 miles off shore), was "I'm home." It was such an intense feeling. I couldn't wait to get in the water and say "hello" to my family. I was so happy to here again, especially with Teresa. But the trip was different; I couldn't stop thinking "what's wrong?" — this trip was not about healing anymore. I realized that being with the whales full time was not meant to be. I desperately needed to be back on land where I belonged. to continue my journey as a human. My journey will be full of wonder and surprises, I know because Leenah showed me a small piece of my future — and I am grateful.

I've already set off my deposit for the March 2001 trip. I'm counting down the days until I leave. Until then, I'm content knowing that my whale family is always with me. Please do not look at the price and say "but I can't afford that." No price can be placed on what you will come away with from this trip.

Hope to see you there,