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  • Everything that lives is holy.

    William Blake

A Meditation Process for Connecting with Our Animals During Illness and After Death

If your animal is ill or on the other side, and you want to connect with him or her telepathically, begin by giving yourself a period of undisturbed time by yourself-- perhaps about ten to fifteen minutes, or more if you like. Sit quietly. You do not need to be physically near your animals who are still physically on earth in order to talk with them. In fact, sometimes it is easier to be off by ourselves, not distracted by the visuals of their beauty and our love of their form, which can keep us focused on the physical rather than the soul. Or, it can keep us focused on their illness which can trigger worry or grief. However, if it feels more comforting or appropriate for you to be with your animals, that’s OK. Just be sure to make the intention that you wish to connect with their soul at this time, not primarily their body or personality. Of course, the energy of their personalty may come through in your conversation, and, information about the body may be something you seek or your animal wants to talk with you about. But what we need to focus on in telepathy is beyond and deeper than the body and the personality. In telepathy, we are not reading the body or reading the mind to get information about our animals from some distant, detached vantage point; we are connecting with their spirits to talk with them intimately. If your animal is no longer on the earth, the same principle is true. If a photograph (or other sacred physical item like a collar or fur) comforts you, by all means keep it with you for this process. But know that nothing physical is necessary to make a telepathic connection. Again, just be careful to make the intention to connect with your animal’s soul--their spirit which transcends physicality and personality.

1. Sit quietly, sit comfortably. Become aware of your breathing, just aware of it, in and out, with no need to change it in any way. Just allow yourself to sit quietly become aware of your breath.

2. Let yourself begin to relax, give yourself permission to relax, and being releasing any tension in your body and mind. Picture and feel any tension or worry or stress leaving you-- from your head down through your feet, gently being released. Ask your Spirit Guides or all those you pray to to help you with this. Let the feeling of peaceful relaxation go on for a few moments or minutes if it feels comfortable or right to do so.

3. Hold one or both of your hands to your heart, and picture a beautiful, luminous gold chord connecting you and your animal, a chord connecting the two of you, a chord from your heart to theirs. Let yourself smile gently picturing this--this perfect and eternal connection between you and your animal that nothing can ever, ever break.

4. Feel and bask in the love between you. You know this love so well. The love between you that transcends everything--it is bigger than illness, bigger than death, bigger than grief, bigger than any pain. Let yourself just melt into the love that you share. Feel the perfection of the love--beyond bodies, beyond time, beyond place or circumstance, just your two souls melded together in your love. Let this fill you with gentle peacefulness and deep calm. If you cry, just let the tears come. Know that the great love you share exists right along with tears. Let grace begin to heal any sadness or fear, and allow the greatness of your shared love to begin to bring healing to any tears, even as they may flow. Allow the presence of Grace. Feel yourself being carried above all worry, grief or concern.

5. And now, from this place of connection with the soul of your beloved animal, this place of stillness and grace, begin talking with your animal, easily and naturally right from your heart. Say what you need to say, or ask what you need to ask. Then just quietly listen. The responses you receive may come in words, or they may come in feelings, or in images. They may also come in any combination of these things. Just listen, and stay with the calmness and glory of the Love and Grace. Say all else you need to say, and know without a doubt that whatever you may receive or not receive, your animal will receive your messages.

When we connect in Love, when we ask and listen and speak with Love, it is impossible for our animal to not receive our messages. And for the moments we are in this Love together, no matter how much emotional pain there may be of grief, of worry, of sadness or uncertainty, when we stay in the Love, even for those few minutes, all the other emotions are diminished. Their power to devastate us is lessened. And we are more free to support our animal and ourselves.

As you leave the telepathic connection, and you will know this naturally, know that you may continue to receive messages (in words, feelings or images) as you go through your day and night. When they come, do not doubt them, know they are real. If it would help you to ask your animal, or your own spiritual guides, to help you feel confidence in the truth of the messages, ask them for signs of confirmation. When you are truly open to this, it will come. The more we take ourselves to that calm place of shared love that lies inside of us, the more likely it is that we will perceive our animal’s messages.

A longer version of this meditation to help us connect with our animals after death is available both on CD and as a download

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