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  • "On this globe there is almost endless diversity. Nevertheless, the greater fact is that when it comes to the treasures of the soul, differences vanish. In the place of the heart, only one light shines. This light is the same in all beings."

    -Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

Resources About Animal Communication

Resources about Animal Communication


Teresa's Introduction to Animal Communication Class


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Animal Communication Guided Meditation by Teresa Wagner
Designed to be used immediately before beginning a conversation with an animal. For beginners and experienced communicators alike, it helps us become still, grounded, protected, divinely guided, open hearted, cleared of biases and preferences which can cloud the messages we receive, and ready to connect with animals in conversation. Very soft meditation music is played throughout. May the words and music inspire and guide you to connect in love and clarity with animals. Read more

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Animal Communication by Teresa Wagner Connecting with Your Animal After Death by Teresa Wagner
When the animals we love die, the sense of emptiness from their
absence in our daily lives can be devastating. Yet, the connection between souls is not severed at death. The love we created remains active and alive. Where there is great love, communication is not only possible after death, it is natural and easy. Connecting with our animals after death doesn’t eliminate our pain but can diminish the heaviness of grief, and bring the energies of grace, comfort and peace to our hearts.
This CD describes how to prepare for a telepathic connection with a beloved animal after death and includes a guided meditation to help make that connection. Read more

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Energetic Boundaries, Protection and Preparation for Telepathic Animal Communication by Teresa Wagner
When we do telepathic work or any healing work without being energetically prepared and protected we are vulnerable—vulnerable to being overwhelmed or depleted by other's energies. Unprepared and unprotected, we are susceptible to taking in the pain of those we talk with as our own pain. This depletes us and diminishes our ability to help.

This three CD volume of stories, concepts and specific tools--including two guided meditations—was created to help us practice "energetic hygiene"—one of the most important areas of development needed to do any healing arts work well, to do it well without becoming depleted, and without, even unwittingly, stepping on anyone's toes by violating ethical boundaries. Read more

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Two Truths and a Lie, Katrina Kittle

A marvelous book about animal communication. Written in novel form, the engaging story revolves around an animal communicator, the doubts about her work from her husband and grown child, and, ultimately the trust and healing which occurs among them. Portrays animal communication very realistically. Highly recommended



Adventures in Kinship With All Life, J. Allen Boone

You will greatly enjoy each of these heart warming, true stories, involving the special power of extrasensory perception in animals. They are also about a bond of trust that can exist between people and animals of all kinds. These thoughtful tales demonstrate how the author spoke silently with all forms of life and how he grew to understand their silent replies. The author believes that this silent language can be learned; reading this book helps us cultivate a gentle, reverent attitude toward all life. This book salutes the divinity within all living creatures and opens up a wonderful new world of silent communication for you to explore. One of my all time favorite animal communication books!

Animal Talk: Interspecies Telepathic Communication, Penelope Smith

The pioneer of animal communication shows readers in her first animal communication book how to use telepathy to "talk" with the animals they love. A primer for anyone exploring telepathic animal communication.


Communicating With Animals: The Spiritual Connection Between People and Nature, Arthur Myers

A unique book on animal communication in that it features the stories of several animal communicators, including Teresa Wagner.

"Animals have much to share with us, if only we would listen. Within the realm of interspecies communication lie amazing opportunities for the evolution of the human species and the growth of the human spirit. Arthur Myers has done a beautiful job compiling a touching and inspiring, funny and thought-provoking collection of wonderful stories which demonstrate psychic communication across species. Communicating with Animals is spiritually uplifting, as well as practical, and makes for fascinating reading."

Conversations With Animals: Cherished Messages and Memories As Told by an Animal Communicator, Lydia Hiby and Bonnie S. Weintraub

In this animal communication book, Lydia relates what she has learned by speaking to animals over the years, containing stories about dogs, cats, horses, exotic pets, lost pets, and pets who have died. 20 photos.


Kinship With All Life, J. Allen Boone

Amazing and touching stories from the author, first with the famous Hollywood dog Strongheart, then with many other animals from flies to snakes. This animal communication book is inspiring, delightful and will stay in your heart forever. Boone was a genuine pioneer of interspecies communication.


Martha Speaks, Susan Meddaugh

A funny, adorable animal communication book for children of all ages about Martha the dog who learns to speak English, and her family who learns to hear her. Absolutely adorable and also meaningful.

Book-Secret-Oceans The Secret Oceans, Betty Ballantine, Lloyd Birmingham (Illustrator)
This animal communication book is a visual odyssey through the vast and deep oceans of the world, with the help of 12 leading artists and a story that will entertain as well as gently inform. 150 original full-color paintings. Story involves undersea explorers who discover a dolphin-like species that warns them about the threat of pollution. Meet the crew of the Turtle, an exploratory submarine whose mission is to establish communication with whales.
0803709722 The Whale Song, Dyan Sheldon
An inspirational story of Lilly, whose grandmother tells her the story of the whales she loved as a child. How she waited by the ocean, with a special gift for the whales, and how they finally came to her, with a special gift of their own. Lilly longs to see the whales herself and to hear their mysterious songs. The whales fill her dreams. She believes they will come and they do, and she hears them call her name. This animal communication book for children of all ages includes stunning illustrations. Note: This book was the inspiration for including the ritual of gift giving to the whales during our Journey to Love with the Humpback Whales trips.


When Animals Speak: Advanced Interspecies Communication,
Penelope Smith
One of the world's foremost experts on telepathic interspecies communication, Smith catalogs in this animal communication book what she has learned in her conversations with animals—insights into life, death, healing, wholeness, spirituality, and humans.


If Only They Could Talk, The Miracles of Spring Farm
Bonnie Hones Reynolds and Dawn E. Hayman
Spring Farm CARES is an animal sanctuary dedicated to interspecies communication, co-founded by animal communicator Dawn Hayman. In this animal communication book you’ll learn about the miracles, crises, hopes and renewal of this magical place. You'll meet Ricardo the duck, who explains that he won't leave his warm nest in a nearby chimney even if the house owners disapprove...Chubby the horse, who shares her feelings of despair when her barn catches fire...Elvis the kitten, who wiggles like a rock star.. and other amazing critters.


Opening My Wings to Fly, What Animals Have Taught Me
Tara Thomas is one of the most authentic, deeply compassionate, spirtual leaders in the animal communication field. In her animal communication book, you’ll get a touching and inspirational glimpse into her soulful connection with animals everywhere, including those with whom she lives with in the animal sanctuary she has co-created with nature—Hummingbird Farms.


Language of Animals: 7 Steps to Communicating with Animals,
Carol Gurney
Filled with very practical exercises along with stories, this a book I highly recommend to learn specifics of "how-to" of animal communication.



The Psychic Connection :
Experiencing the Spiritual Link Between People and Animals ~ from The Entertainment Group
From the back cover: Featuring America's foremost experts in animal communication—Penelope Smith, Beatrice Lydecker, Anita Curtis, Carol Gurney, Teresa Wagner and Lydia Hiby—investigate the remarkable phenomena of human-animal telepathy in this revolutionary and controversial new video. Through real-life case studies, you will meet a horse who has written several books, a dog who speaks to his master, a cat who tells the doctor what hurts him, a 700 pig who misses her owner. Plus, you'll go to sea to speak with dolphins. Both the skeptic and the animal lover in you will find this cutting edge program fascinating.



Species Link: The Journal of Interspecies Telepathic Communication

Read true stories of the amazing results of communicating with animals plus prose and poetry transcribed directly from our non-human friends. You'll find methods to learn interspecies communication, books and resources, the latest issues and breakthroughs, questions answered by seasoned communicators, a directory of animal communicators for services and support, plus readers' stories, poems, art, book reviews, and letters. Species Link is a forum and network to share experiences, helpful hints, insights, humor, growth along the path, the joy of deep understanding and heightened awareness with all beings. Join the growing community of beginning to advanced animal communicators by subscribing to the only magazine completely dedicated to the subject. See sample articles and subscribe at specieslinkjournalcom. Editor: Penelope Smith, author of Animal Talk and When Animals Speak. Published quarterly since 1990.