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  • "On this globe there is almost endless diversity. Nevertheless, the greater fact is that when it comes to the treasures of the soul, differences vanish. In the place of the heart, only one light shines. This light is the same in all beings."

    -Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

Client Memorials

May the souls of all animals who have left the earth
be blessed with peace, grace and love for all time.
May they feel the depth of our gratitude and love for having
graced the earth and our lives with their magnificent presence.
And may the hearts of the grieving humans and animals they've left behind
be blessed with comfort and tenderness in their pain.

Client memorials
clockwise starting top left: Cindy and Hunter scattering Sabrina's ashes
Memorial heart garden honoring Moisha, Larry and Shayna;
Grave marker and flowers honoring Misty;
Garden sign honoring Misty's Memorial Garden;
Tiger Lily honoring her siblings in heaven by an angel and prayer flags in the garden

I shall see beauty but none to match your living grace,
I shall hear music but none as sweet
as the droning song with which you loved me,
I shall fill my days but I shall not, cannot forget.
Sleep soft, dear friend. . .

~Michael Joseph

The animals are listed in alphabetical order. If we have worked together and you would like to have a memorial of any of your animals included here, please e-mail the photo and information and we will be delighted to post it here.


Abby, thank you for the gift of your love. You are the most precious, sweet, beautiful, best girl. I miss you so very, very much and always will until we meet again.

You are with Benny now, your most beloved brother, and I know you are happy. I love you both so much. Until we all are together again, Mommy.

May 1990
May 3, 2001

Treasured companion of Yvonne Lenhart

We all miss you sweet Adrian.
Jules seems lost without you.
You were and are so very special.
I'll miss telling you to "get the ball" before you go to bed at night and the way you always used to hide behind the pillows.
You have left so many wonderful memories.
Thank you so much my sweet girl.

Now you are free.
You will be in our hearts forever.

Mommy, Jules, Whitley, and Aria

Barbara Ann
April 1987
June 8, 2001

Beloved companion of Jill Christopher

A little orphan labeled as “too old and too ugly” to be adopted – had the ability to love unconditionally.

Sweet Princess – for the times I ignored you, for the times I was away – how I wish I could have back even one minute of that time. I thought I had rescued you when the truth is that you are the one who saved me. I would trade the rest of my life on earth just to be with you again. But just as it was your time to go, I guess my job is to stay – for now. Look for me, as I look for you in every moment of every day –



Beloved cat of Diane and Bob Wilson, Pacific Grove, California

We will love him forever. He was our first cat, and perfect in every way. He was the light of our life - beautiful, graceful, affectionate, funny, often downright silly, and the reason for all the cats who came since. But we shall never see his like again.



Benny "Cowboy"

Treasured friend and confidante of
Linda Wunschel


Beloved cat of Diane and Bob Wilson, Pacific Grove, California

In memory of and tribute to our precious Caleb - the sweetest cat who ever drew breath. He more than fulfilled his mission here an earth by opening our hearts and bringing us the miracle of his love. He will always be our "Top Cat."

born 1989
died 2001

All my beautiful little girl asked for was some food, and my lap to sleep in. In return she gave me all the love in her heart. When she grew older and couldn't jump very easily, she would reach up her arms to me, begging to be picked up and held close for a long long time. Her purrs were unceasing - even in her sleep when I would touch her. How I wish I could hear her again.

A promise to my beloved Cecily Jane:

I will miss you always.
I will love you forever.
Forever and always
My baby you'll be.

Diane Wilson


Precious life-partner of Diane Wilson, Pacific Grove, California

She and I were sisters, best friends, and soulmates who understood each other and respected each other as equals. Her dignity and wisdom were awe-inspiring, and her zany sense of humor never failed to force me out of a bad mood. Her incredible beauty and grace amazed me anew each day, and I never took her love for granted. I count the days until I can be with her again.

To My Chloe —

You are the light of my life
and the love of my life.
You are the music in my heart
and my heart's darling

Beloved dog of Beth and Joe Lynch, Lusby, Maryland

May 1985
September 2001

Longtime friend of Jim Babb

Left behind, wild child on my doorstep, so long ago. Something happened between us that day, binding our fates.

You watched me struggle to piece together my own life, while you lived out yours, entire: Hunting, fishing, investigating everything. Searching for joy, lazing in the sun.

Eyes barely open, you already knew how to live! I should have paid more attention.

Thank you for staying by my side, until I finally found the right path. I won't forget.