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  • My family is not confined to mother, mate, and child; but it includes all creatures be they tame or wild; my family upon this earth includes all living things, on land, or in the ocean deep, or borne aloft on wings.~ Alicia S. Carpenter

Pet Loss Grief Support Package

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Now time to take care of you

  Receive loving, in-depth and practical help for healing your heart:    
Immediate and lifelong resources of comfort, healing and support

Package Includes:  4 Teleclasses  1 Audio Book  1 CD MP3 

 28 hours audio guidance & support from Teresa and 266 pages of handouts

Purchased Separately $472    Discounted Package Price: $195     $277 Savings

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The purpose of this package is to provide you with
affordable, premium support 
for your own healing journey.

Products included in the package:

Legacies of Love, A Gentle and Thorough Guide to Healing from the Loss of Your Animal Loved One    
Teleclass:  9 hours audio; 99 handout pages   Purchased as single product: $199
Audio Book:  3 hours audio   Purchased as a single product: $15.95

Feeling grief is not a conscious choice—it’s an involuntary, often overwhelming and normal reaction to loss. Healing grief, however, is a conscious choice—a process for which we often need help. 
The Legacies of Love class and audio book provide you with abundant daily coping skills and long term healing strategies that help you heal and grow.

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Full detailed description of audio book:


Healing Guilt: Finding Peace and Self-Forgiveness
Teleclass:  5.5 hours audio; 83 handout pages    Purchased as a single product: $150/Reduced price $48

When we courageously and non-judgmentally examine our guilt, we can learn from it and ultimately experience self-forgiveness. The process and tools in this class help us release the energetic burden of guilt and find our path to peace.

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Connecting With the Soul of Your Animal After Death
MP3 of CD:  1 hour, 15 min     Purchased as a single product: $10.95

The information and guided meditation in this mp3 helps you understand how to connect with and communicate with the soul of your animal telepathically.

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How Animal Communication Can Help in Times of Illness, Hospice, Grief & 
After Death   
Teleclass:  5.5 hours audio; 47 handout pages  Purchased as a single product: $99

This class helps you learn how to make informed decisions about your animal’s wants
and needs, along with how you can remain connected to them after death. It
includes explanations on animal communication and guided meditations.

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Flower Essences for Illness, End-of-Life, Caregiver Stress and Healing Grief
On Demand Teleclass:  4 hours audio; 37 handout pages   Full price $150

Flower essences help us stay present, centered and calm during emotionally challenging times. 
In this class you will learn which essences and formulas are the ideal fit for yourself
and your animals.

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Purchased Separately $472    Discounted Package Price: $195     $277 Savings

All credit cards and checks are accepted. Payments can be made over 6 months without interest.


What value do I get from this package?
Every resource in this package provides you with tools to help you with every aspect of your loss—from healing guilt to connecting with your animal’s soul. The content, exercises, and guided meditations help you begin and continue your healing process over time. You’ll always have access to these resources anytime you need them.

Why should I invest in this package?
Taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of your beloved animal. You’ve provided your animals with loving care as well as financial support. It’s also important to invest in your own healing.

When purchasing this package what do I actually receive?
You will immediately receive a confirmation email of your purchase in which there is a line that reads “Download link for: PET LOSS-DISCOUNT-Product.pdf.”  This is a live link. When you click on this link you will see a list of all the files categorized for each product in the package. These files are in two formats:  
• MP3 audio files which you can listen to on your computer or other device and /or download onto your preferred device.
• PDF documents for the handouts which you can view on your computer or other device screen and/or print. 

For each class, there is also a feedback survey link included to provide you with an opportunity to share your thoughts.

Please note. . .
One-on-one counseling, mentoring or private discussion is not included in this package via email, phone or Facebook Messaging. However, one-on-one counseling, private mentoring or discussion regarding issues that may arise from any of the classes and materials is definitely welcomed and available via scheduled sessions held by phone. Consultations with Teresa can be scheduled at this link: