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  • When we all adopt through rescue vs. buying, spay & neuter, and keep our animals for their lifetimes, shelters will be near empty and euthanasia will become a tragedy of the past.

Stopping the Tragedy of Shelter Euthanasia

Memorial for Euthanized Shelter Animals

Every year, approximately 4 million companion animals
are euthanized in US animal shelters.

They die because they lived in a community in which there are more people that drop off animals at shelters than those who adopt animals at shelters, creating an overwhelming surplus of homeless animals. They were not euthanized because shelter staff did not care for them and love them, they were euthanized because the community members outside the walls of the shelter continue to overbreed animals, either intentionally, by accident or neglect, despite the surplus of homeless cats and dogs desperately in need of adoption.

Many of the animals died because the humans who owned them did not make or carry out a commitment to keep them for their lifetimes, but rather made a choice to let a shelter take responsibility for their animal.

These animals died in the arms of strangers, not in the arms of family loved ones. They deserve to be honored. They deserve our love. And they deserve the attention and energy of every animal lover to stop this tragedy.

Visit and stay awhile in the serenity of this star filled memorial... let yourself transcend the sadness and begin to feel the peace that love can bring. Let your heart fill with love. Allow love and peace to flow through you. Let yourself feel the love become so strong that you know that strength can solve this problem. As you gaze at the stars and let the music wash through you, you may also want to:

  • ... pay your respects to all the animals who have died in shelters
  • ... say a prayer for them
  • ... send them your love
  • ... send your love to the shelter workers who care for the homeless animals of your community
  • ... say a prayer that all members of your community with animals take the simple steps to prevent further euthanasia by acquiring all their companion animals through rescue or adoption (saving a life), by spaying and neutering all their animals (saving many lives) and by keeping the animals they have for their natural lifetime.
  • ... make a commitment to take these steps yourself.

Visualize all companion animals living in safe, loving homes.

May all beings be free from suffering
May all beings be at peace

~ Sufi blessing

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from the CD Light from Assisi by Artist Richard Shulman.