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  • The thinking person must oppose all cruel customs no matter
    how deeply rooted in tradition or surrounded by a halo.
    We need a boundless ethic which will include the animals also.

    ~Dr. Albert Schweitzer

Activism, Prayer & Personal Choices for the Animals

Prayer & Energy Healing

The day will come when after harnessing space, the winds, the tides, and gravitation, we shall harness for God the energies of Love. And on that day, for the second time in the history of the world we shall have discovered fire.

Teilhard De Chardin


The power of love, prayer and positive thought to heal is infinite. By keeping the animals in our personal rituals of prayer, meditation, or healing we are contributing to their emotional and spiritual well being and their physical health and safety.

With every television news or on line report received about an animal or species in peril, we can send a prayer and send love to the those in harms way. It takes only a moment to say a prayer, to send them love, to see them filled and surrounded by sparkling love. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. It is bigger than any pain, it diffuses suffering, and can be received by those on the earth and those on the other side.

If you are upset when you hear of animal suffering, be careful to pray first for your own calm and centeredness. It doesn't help the animals when we even inadvertently send them our own fear, anxiety or anger. One of the greatest gifts we can give animals in peril is to unselfishly put our own upsetness temporarily aside as we send them calm, love and healing energy. For more help on how to do this, please read this article: The Whales Lessons on Death and Helping Those Who Suffer. Rather than allowing ourselves to become lost in fear or anger when we see or are triggered to think of a traumatic situation for animals, we can send the energy of calm and love to all involved. And we can visualize positive outcomes, adding to the positive consciousness of the situation. Some years ago, in talking to a whale about whether they received love and prayers sent to them by a group of people on a whale swim trip, I heard this response:


Keep sending us the light of love.
All the prayers and the love reaches us to our core.
Each and every bit reaches us and helps us.
We too send love to you on the land.
It’s important that some of you heal your anger
at those whose hearts don’t yet see that we’re all the same.
Holding onto the anger doesn’t help us or you.
Learn to love those who harm us; transform your anger
into action for the good.
It is one of the greatest things you can do.

This was enormously helpful to me. It helped me in working with my own anger toward those who hurt animals and inspired me to include the following in my own prayer and healing work, which you may want to also consider:

  • Picture leaders around the world—from small town leaders, regional government representatives and legislators to leaders of countries— supporting the compassionate treatment and welfare of animals all over the earth.

  • Send love to those who directly harm animals, and those who participate indirectly in the suffering of animals. Send love to all human beings whose hearts are not yet open to treating animals with compassion and respect. It is only in receiving love and compassion that they can learn more about giving it.

Praying handsBy praying, by sending calm, by sending love, by sending healing energy, we are participating in raising the vibration of energy for the animals and the earth.

Please consider including the animals in your prayers and spiritual practices, as well as in the meditation, prayer or healing groups in which you may participate.

Love is the most powerful energy in the universe. When harnessed, it has the power to change anything.

Books to read more about the power of love, prayer and positive thought to heal:


Healing Words: The Power of Prayer and the Practice of Medicine by Larry Dossey


The Hidden Messages in Water by Dr. Masaru Emoto (including inspiring photographs of the transformation of polluted water molecules after receiving the energy of love and prayer)


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