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  • My family is not confined to mother, mate, and child; but it includes all creatures be they tame or wild; my family upon this earth includes all living things, on land, or in the ocean deep, or borne aloft on wings.~ Alicia S. Carpenter

Pet Loss & Grief Support

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This pet loss book by Rita Reynolds is without a doubt one of the very best books I have ever found to help us during the poignant and emotionally challenging times of supporting our animals and ourselves when our beloved animals are nearing the end of life, as well as during their actual transition and after death. Highly recommended for support and inspiration when our animals are seriously ill and also after their death. Rita Reynolds brings love, wisdom and grounded practical advice to us in this book from her many years of experience with animals of many species.
(Softcover book, 160 pages)

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An informative and comforting book by the pioneer of the animal communication field Penelope Smith. She shares the process of dying and the afterlife from the animals' viewpoints, including true stories and insights from people and their animals about dying, death, and beyond. She also discusses how the experience of losing a cherished animal need not be exclusively a traumatic or grief stricken time, but can also include positive, uplifting energy as we stay connected to our beloved animals in spirit.

Includes a chapter by Teresa Wagner.

(Softcover book, 192 pages)

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This beautiful journal for mourning a pet by Warren Hanson is a refuge of comfort and peace. The text is an affirming tribute to the profound and enduring love shared between many animals and humans. It celebrates the lessons and love of our relationships--a meaningful and powerful part of our healing when someone we love has died.

The exquisite illustrations, luxuriously padded cover, the attached satin ribbon bookmark with a heart shaped placeholder for attaching a pet’s tag, and places for favorite photos and personal notations make this journal a treasured keepsake for both children and adults grieving the loss of a pet. Ideal for gift giving.

(Luxuriously padded hardcover book, exquisite full color illustrations, 32 pages)

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By Warren Hanson, this is a book of tremendous visual, emotional and spiritual comfort. The compelling images and inspiring words offer a peaceful sense of the answer to the age old question:
What is it like when we leave the earth?

Without imposing any specific religious or spiritual beliefs, this poetic and exquisitely illustrated book describes the afterlife in a soothing and inspiring way.

Appropriate for both children and adults.
A lovely and comforting gift for anyone grieving the loss of an animal or human.

(Hardcover book with dust jacket, full color illustrations, 36 pages)

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This book by Kim Sherican about the afterlife of animals is a treasure. When we are in the midst of grief, it is common to feel alone with our pain and our questions about death. The contribution of this book is the sharing of 400 pages of stories of people who also lost their animals and had many experiences on on-going connection with them after death.

I've recommended it to many, many clients over the years who continue to rave about it—how the true stories bring greater understanding about life after death for animals and comfort to their hearts at the time of loss of their pets. May it do the same for you.
(Softcover book, 415 pages)

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The end-of-life period with our beloved animals is a poignant and often challenging time. It is hard not to be overwhelmed by our anticipatory grief. We all need loving support and practical assistance during these times. The energetic, emotional and spiritual issues of hospice as well as the practical issues of physical care are covered in this class to offer you such support. Real stories about real people and their animals and journeys are included.

4 hours of digital audio recording and handouts  

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Become intimately familiar with dozens of individual flower essences and formulas and learn how to choose and administer them most effectively to: Help loved ones & clients who are seriously ill or dying; Balance and heal the stress & overwhelm of caregiving; Cope with and heal the pain of your own grief; Support loved ones and clients who are grieving.

Approximately 4 hours of audio and 37 pages of handouts for life-long reference about flower essences.

Facilitated by Teresa Wagner

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Learn core skills of empathic grief support, essential boundaries and ethics, complexities of grief healing for both ourselves and our role as helpers, appropriate use of self disclosure and spirituality in grief support, primary and secondary grievers, and specific do's and don'ts of grief support. A required class in the Animal Loss & Grief Support Institute Training and Certification Program.
8 hour digital audio recording, 89 page handout package and audio book Legacies of Love.

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For many of us, our grief from loss is felt more acutely at holidays and anniversaries. These seasons and special days can trigger and amplify our grief, even when the loss is not recent. This class offers practical help, hope, and loving comfort to help you face these times and further your healing. You'll learn many strategies to not only "get through" the emotional and social challenges of these times, but to also find solace, peace and meaning.

2 hours of digital audio recording, a separate guided meditation recording, and 17 page handout package.

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Learn a highly effective, easy to use, self administered tool to cope with and heal the challenging and sometimes overwhelming emotions of grief and loss, including anticipatory grief and caregiver stress. An extremely powerful, very gentle healing method that helps us find relief from grief related emotions such as sorrow, anguish, fear, yearning, guilt, anger, depression, etc., often referred to as the emotional version of acupuncture--involving tapping with our own fingers instead of needles. 5 1/2 hours of digital audio recordings; 80 pages of handouts

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