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Pet Loss Book: My Personal Pet Remembrance Journal

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Pet Loss Book-My Personal Pet Remembrance JournalPet Loss Book--Journal:

When I met Enid several years ago when she attended one of my Legacies of Love workshops, I was quickly touched by her huge heart and wise soul. Enid is a therapist who facilitates pet loss support groups and memorial art workshops at Dove Lewis Animal Hospital in Portland, Oregon. She is also the co-instructor of the Pet Loss Support Groups class offered by Animals in our Hearts.

My Personal Pet Remembrance Journal is one of my favorite resources to give as a gift to those who have lost their beloved animals.
It provides a place to record and celebrate the details of the life of our animal loved one and a safe place to express our full emotional response to our loss. Sometimes, even the friends and family who may care about the depth of our loss seem to forget about it after a short time. We may be subtly encouraged to no longer bring it up or talk about it. This journal is a place we can return to over and over to record our experiences, our thoughts, our feelings, our healing, and to celebrate the love shared with our cherished animal. Highly recommended!

From the author:

This remembrance journal is especially for you. It is a special place for you to share the feelings that have arisen since the death of your beloved pet. Here you can write down your thoughts and feelings that are ever-present and ever-changing. In your journal you can privately go over the details of your loss and it's effect on you. Your reaction to the death of your pet is as unique and individual as was your relationship. Your personal grief reaction is affected by your experience with previous losses, how closely bonded you were to your pet, cause of death, support system and your personal nature. My hope is that this guided journal will help you as you move along the challenging journey ahead of you.

— Enid


"This book is one of the best tools I have come across in helping deal with pet loss. It is well written and organized, sensitive and thorough."
— Herbert Nieburg, Ph.D.
Author of A Thoughtful Guide For Adults and Children (Harper-Collins)

"This gentle and enchanting journal is an excellent place to celebrate the life and passing of a much-cherished animal companion. It encourages a deep and healing introspection, gives tribute to the unique gifts of our animal companions, and documents our path into, up, and beyond the dark hollow of mourning and grief. In my own life, I have lost so many treasured animal companions and have often felt adrift and lost in the pain of deep bereavement. This journal is a kind and compassionate anchor, leading us gently and surely through the tangled paths of grief, helping us to find our feet again, to seek love again. Beautifully, thoughtfully done. Thank you!"
— Susan Chernak McElroy
Author of Animals as Teachers and Healers