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EFT: The Emotional Freedom Technique
for Illness, End-of-Life, Caregiver Stress and Healing Grief

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A 3 part teleclass,  5 1/2 total hours

or LIVE?

This is an on-demand teleclass to take anytime, at your convenience.
The MP3 recordings received with this purchase are from a live class which include the questions, comments and interactions of the participants with the instructor.


$99 includes:
• 5 1/2 hours of digital audio recordings
• 104 pages of detailed handouts with very specific how-to information to serve as a life long reference tool. 


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This class is one of many in the
Animal Loss and Grief Support Training and Certification Program
and can be used for either required or elective credit.



















Linda Epstein, Energy Healing Practitioner  

Anyone who would like to learn a highly effective, easy to use, quick and self administered healing tool:

• To cope with and heal the challenging and sometimes overwhelming emotions of grief and loss, including anticipatory grief

• To feel relief from the physical and emotional stress that may be part of intense caregiving for a loved one who is very ill or dying

The class is also appropriate for practitioners: grief & pet loss counselors, pet loss support group facilitators, animal communicators, flower essence practitioners, veterinary professionals, animal shelter and rescue group staff, trainers and behaviorists, energy healers, therapists, as well as friends and family members who want to fully support their loved ones who are grieving or caregiving.

This class provides practical information you can use the rest of your life as you experience
 loss (of animals and humans) and grief, to support the animals you love and care for during the sacred and often stressful times of illness and transition, as well as for any emotional issues and challenges in life beyond loss and grief. 

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Grief from the loss of a loved one, whether human or animal, is an issue for which our hearts need tender compassion and  healing. The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is an extremely powerful, easy to learn and easy to use tool that helps decrease and release emotional pain and overwhelm to help us both cope and heal. 

EFT is a meridian-based energy therapy which was developed by Gary Craig. It is often referred to as the emotional version of acupuncture except without the use of needles. Tapping on certain meridian points on the body with our fingers while saying specific statements helps us release emotions or beliefs that may be overwhelming, challenging, difficult or negative in any way.

EFT is very gentle, very healing and very easy to learn. With practice, one can apply this technique within an hour. EFT does not make us forget what happened, it does not make grief magically disappear, but it most definitely can lessen the intensity and discomfort of the pain of grief. It also helps us find relief from grief related emotions such as guilt, sorrow, anguish, anger, or depression--feelings that may be hard to cope with and at times may feel as if they are preventing us from moving forward in life.

This 6 hour teleclass teaches the basics of The Emotional Freedom Technique and how to apply this technique to our personal situations.  At the end of the three week teleclass, participants will be equipped with the knowledge on how to use EFT not only for grief, but for any challenging experiences--from minor irritations to traumatic crisis--that are part of normal life.

Session 1:  The Basics of EFT and Initial Practice
    Creating the Healing Circle
    What is EFT?
    How EFT can help the grieving and healing process
    Learning the language:  Set Up and Reminder Phrases
    Clarifying the issue for successful results
    Learning the tapping points
    Understanding the Aspects, the many layers of an emotional issue.
    The SUDS Testing
    Borrowing Benefits in tapping for others
    Donna Eden Exercises to unscramble homolateral energy patterns and hook up
       your meridians
    Exercises:  Tapping on the emotions of:
    Exercises:  The Tearless Technique

Session 2:  Focus on the specifics of each person’s issues, tapping on the issues that were identified in the homework.
The goal is to reach a level where the issue registers below a 4 on the SUDS scale.
    Opening with the Healing Circle
    Discussing homework, feedback, problems creating set up statementss/reminder phrases
    Group tapping for as many people as time allows for those granting permission for tapping
    Discussing any aspects that popped up
    Discussing the borrowed benefits: while tapping for others, did it help you with your issuue?
    Discussing the results or reactions during the tapping session
    Dealing with your physical responses to your emotions


Session 3: Alternative Methods of tapping when EFT is working too slowly or not at all
    Discussing homework, feedback, problems creating set up statements/reminder phrases
    Discussion of Reversals and the causes
    Buried core issues
    Dealing with negative beliefs
    Tell the Story (if time permits)
    Exercise:  “Personal Peace Procedure” which can be used any time to help bring
       one back to a state of balance and harmony.
    Review from each participants of where they are compared to where they were when starting
       the three week class
    Closing of the Healing Circle and Blessing


I would most definitely recommend this class to anyone working on grief or wanting more knowledge about EFT.  I was able to tap into and release very deep trauma. It was some very heavy duty stuff that was deeply suppressed. The EFT led me down the road to get there and I am feeling much lighter and more me as a result. Linda is a phenomenal teacher and healer. I am infinitely grateful to her and for her.  I love it that she and Teresa are working together. It is great to see such beautiful, big hearted, and powerful women teaming up. Particularly in the healing arena. Healing is so powerful for all involved. It is what brings us back to our core and our connection to Source/God/Creator and all that is.

~ Lori K, Baltimore, Maryland

The teacher was so supportive and questions were well explained. Even past the tapping exercise, it helped to learn the ways we block the energy and what can cause energy reversal. It also helped to learn the experience of others and how they dealt with and overcame issues. I feel like I've been given an extremely valuable tool chest. I feel it has opened doors for me. It's a tool that I can use and develop the rest of my life. Like flower essences, it's very effective.   
~ Linda K, Willits, California

Linda has a very soothing voice that draws you in. And she answered everyone's questions beautifully. Plus it wasn't high pressure...we laughed and had fun moments too.  I feel I will be using EFT for the rest of my life! It is simple and can be done quite quickly during a moment of panic!   ~ Rayanne S, Morriston, Florida

It was extremely well organized. Loved the exercises and handouts.  ~ Dolly R, Sunnyvale, California

The handouts and exercises were extremely detailed and very helpful. Applying EFT to other issues in my life. What a valuable tool and resource this is.
  ~ Debbie O, Lake Forrest, California

Extremely valuable. The explanations are very clear and Linda explains very well. The class gave me answers I was uncertain of from reading about EFT. Knowing how easy it is to access at anytime, anywhere!  
~ Rachel R, Carmel, California

EFT is easy to learn and is a valuable tool for releasing emotions like sorrow, grief, anger, etc. Handouts were clear and informative.  Linda's soothing voice, clear instructions and patient guidance, made EFT easy to learn and practice.

~ Rosann L, Monterey, California












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