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  • The best way to learn the language of another species is as a social partner.

    ~Conrad Lorenz

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Animals' Souls: The Animals' Perspectives and Stories
about Death, the Other Side, & Coming Back

JoeBear Coupal and The Light 2


4 hour Teleclass: two sessions, 2 hours each

or LIVE:

Offered On Demand to take anytime, at your convenience.
The MP3 recordings received with this purchase are from a live class which include the questions, comments and interactions of the participants with the instructor.


Reduced in price--from $119 to $48--so everyone interested in or yearning to learn more about what happens to animals after death has affordable and convenient access to this information from the animals.

• 2 hours of digital recordings
• 13 pages of handouts with a message from Teresa and many resources for further learning


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Teresa Wagner, M.S.










This teleclass is ideal for anyone who wants to hear stories from the animals to enhance their understanding about the diversity of what is possible in death, the other side, and coming back—directly from the perspective of the animals' souls.

I like that Teresa shared stories from other people and animals with us. I like that she included all the participants. It is a joy listening to Teresa. She is soooo rich with all this knowledge. Just sign up and listen. Your life will change forever. I feel blessed to be among people who love animals.
~ Ruth Martin

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I am in awe and deeply grateful for all I have learned from the animals about death including what so many of them describe about what it is like for animals' souls in the spirit world. Their stories have humbled me, touched me, and have made me utterly unafraid of death. It is a great privilege to talk with both the animals and their people during these sacred transitions.

This teleclass was created at the request of many clients who longed to understand more about what happens to our beloved animals after death. There is perhaps nothing as sobering as the severe illness or physical death of a loved one to bring on a crisis of faith or an inner questioning of our spiritual belief systems. We may ask ourselves--for the first time or perhaps the 100th time--what do I really believe happens when we die? What happens to animals? Is it the same as with us? Are animals' souls the same as ours?  Different? Who are they with? What are they doing? Can we still talk? Will we be together again?

This class is ideal for anyone who wants the answers to these questions--directly from the animals--to enhance their understanding about the diversity of of animals' experiences at death, on the other side, and in coming back to earth. The class does not include the dogma of any particular religious, spiritual or metaphysical belief system. You will not be told things about death and afterlife as it if they are the ultimate, final or exclusive truth. Rather, you will hear stories from the animals offered as information to help you clarify your own beliefs, and to be inspired by the animals themselves.
I believe strongly, and have seen evidence of this within myself and with many clients, that having a strong sense of faith, belief or understanding about death and life beyond earth can bring great comfort during the poignant and emotionally challenging time of grief and anticipatory grief. This class does not impose a particular belief system; it offers a great deal of information heard over many years from the animals.
If you would like to hear stories to enhance and perhaps increase your understanding about the mystery of souls coming to and leaving the earth, this teleclass is appropriate for you. My hope is that it serves to bring you more comfort and peace during the inevitable and often painful times of losing your animal loved ones. Their stories have certainly provided this for me.

With Love and Blessings to you and the animals you love,

Picture 2

Issues that are addressed in the teleclass:

  • What Have the Animals Said About What Death Is Like?
    • Is every experience the same, or are there differences?
    • Are there trends of similar things for most animals?
    • Who meets them, who are they with?
  • Where Do They Go?
    • How do They Describe Heaven/The Other Side?
    • What does it look like? feel like?
  • What Do They Do?
    • What goes on there?
  • Do They Miss Us? See us? Visit Us?
    • Does it disturb them if I connect with them a lot?
    • If I cry or grieve a lot?
    • If I sense them visiting me, does this mean they are stuck and haven't moved on?
  • Do Animals Have Souls?
    • If so, are they the same as human souls?
    • Is there a hierarchy of souls?
    • Can animals become human, can humans become animals?
  • Will We Be Together Again With the Animals We have Loved and Lost?
    • If they come back, will they be the same? different?
    • How will I know it's them?
  • Is there a difference between soul family and earth family?
  • If there is reincarnation, what do souls do between lives, what choices do they make?

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There is also a CD/MP3 available with a special guided meditation for those of you who may want to communicate with the souls of your animals after death.

Comments from Class Participants:

"Teresa is so gentle and kind in her delivery. And the stories that she shared were beautiful. I can listen to her on a soul level and grow." Toni P.

"I wasn't really expecting anything from this class, I was just curious. I ended up enjoying the classes very much and came away with a lot of helpful information and a lot to think about. Teresa presented the material very well. I also liked how she asked people in the class to relate their personal experiences, and the opportunity after class to hear everyone's perspectives."  Jeanine G.

"Teresa's choices what to share of the animal perspectives were great. They were a combination of affirming, reassuring, heartwarming, and perspective shifting. I could feel Teresa's thoughtfulness and gentle presence, which is so wonderful to be with. I also enjoyed being with a group of like minded people." Julie L.

"So satisfying, confirming and enlightening." Judy T.

"Teresa is a wonderful teacher, and the class was as spiritual as I expected. I truly enjoyed envisioning the others in the group, and knowing that we all came together to share this moment for ourselves, and of course for the animals. It was a privilege and an honor to attend." Linda W.

"I really enjoyed the class, I learned new information and feel very reassured about facing the death of not only my pets, but other loved ones as well."  Lori H.

"I felt very fulfilled and grateful after hearing Teresa's shared stories. Teresa is a wonderful role model as an animal communicator and also her gentle and encouraging way of being in the world inspires me to become softer and kinder as I embrace each day.  I value the information Teresa shared in this teleclass from her years of experience in this field. I truly admire her particular style in speaking with the animals that have crossed over and their people and in creating such a safe and loving arena for all concerned."  Judy W.

"What an incredibly satisfying journey Teresa has taken us on during this teleclass. Her gentle presentations of her client’s stories lead me through a range of emotions – from laughter, to tears, to quiet reflection. I am richer and wiser for having taken this class, and yet I am deeply humbled by the profound wisdom and unconditional love of our beloved animal companions. I understand more clearly, now, that the best and most beautiful things in this life cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart. The class exceeded my expectations."  Davidene T.

"I LOVE Teresa, she just makes everything so easy even in a difficult situation. I look forward to more classes of hers." Dana L.
"With the use of real stories from her client base, Teresa presented a comforting view of death from the animal's perspective. Her wealth of experience as an animal communicator and her use of clients' stories helped keep the presentation real. The pace and organization of her presentation was exactly right."  Kath Q.

"Thanks for having this class that addressed questions many of us were wondring within ourselves. "Tina T.

"Teresa has a fantastic ability to take thought-provoking topics and present them in a straightforward fashion. Her ability to mix humor into her presentation of the mysteries of souls coming to and leaving earth is outstanding! She paces content and delivers it at an appropriate level for all to understand. Responds well to questions posed."Davidene T.


Photos at top and in collage, left to right:

Top photo:

Joe Bear, beloved dog of Gail Coupal. Photo taken before Joe Bear's death.

Collage left: Sassy with Liam

Sassy was the beloved dog of Sandra and her family until her passing in 2007. Her journey started on this earth when Sandra got her in L.A. and brought her home to Northern CA to give some joy to her late husband who was then ill with leukemia. She not only brought him joy but he became healthier and lived another 5 years. When he passed Sassy was devastated and she and Sandra healed together. "She became my healer and protector," Sandra said.

Sassy's gentle healing energy and love also extended to the infant seen behind her in this photo: Liam Sean, Sandra's grandson. Sassy and Sandra took care of him every Friday for two years while his parents were at work. Sassy adored him.

Sassy has also told us that from the other side she continues to look after Sandra, sending her energy and helping her health, and, that she is a leader and teacher of others now where she is. She has also sent Sandra and her family a delightful new dog named Sierra, bringing them new joy. Sandra says, "I will never forget her and what she has done for me. Her love was 'to the limit and beyond' and now it is showing through little Sierra Rose."


Collage middle: Pandora In White

Pandora had a larger than life personality in a beautiful little 7 pound body. She was always in the middle of any activity, greeting everyone with a determined, intent look that said "I have something to say". It was as if there was a human inside saying I need to come out and I have things to tell you. She had an indomitable spirit - clear about who she was and what she wanted. When she left the earth among her first two comments were: "I'm not little anymore" and "Please remember how I looked."

Now Pandora's spirit is truly larger than life. She left behind her earth mom and sister and has said that it is her turn to look after them. In fact, she has created a triangle of light between between the three of them; sending energy, love and protection for both of them.

Collage right: Oliver with Angel

Oliver , who captured the heart of his person Marisa, loved the garden. Marisa's mother loved angels and after her passing this angel statuary came to adorn and bless Oliver's garden.

Sadly, Oliver was diagnosed with heart related illness and crossed over at the very tender age of four years old in February of 2008. Prayers and loving thoughts for Oliver and his family are welcomed/