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Garden Banner Flags with Dolphins (set)

Price: $26.00

Dolphin Prayer Flags

Hand made in Bali on rayon batik, these beautiful garden banner flags inspire a sense of joy, beauty, dignity and dolphin spirit in your home or garden.

In the center flag a pod of dolphins forms a mandala, creating a beautiful flower of life symbol. The other flags feature dolphins playfully leaping and spinning on a background of vibrant blue ocean waves and a brilliant sunset. The colors of these flags are absolutely gorgeous--the photos do not do them justice!

In addition to being beautiful works of art that bring such visual pleasure, these garden banner flags can also serve as a focus of continual prayer for the dolphins. In the Tibetan tradition of prayer flags, there is a belief that every time the wind blows through and lifts up the flags our prayers are repeated. Every time we gaze at these flags, we can send more positive intention for the needs of the dolphins around the world, such as: May all the dolphins of the earth be free, safe, protected, healthy, peaceful, joyful and loved. As we pray for others, it also brings more love, calm and peacefulness into our own hearts. A peaceful world begins in the hearts of every individual.

Used indoors or out, used as garden banner flags or prayer flags, these flags will bring loving dolphin energy into your garden or home!

Made in Bali in small, family run shops.

3 flags sewn on a string. Largest, middle flag is 14-1/2 in. wide, 13 in. high. Two end flags are 11-1/2 in. wide, 10-3/4 in high.

Span of flags is approximately 3-1/2 feet wide, with ample string extending beyond that for hanging. Ready to hang inside or out.

You may also be interested in our much larger garden banner flags set (also referred to as prayer flags) with 7 flags featuring both whales and dolphins.